T-Mobile New Tariff Launch

client T-Mobile

Trade show magicians created branded magic for T-Mobiles new tariff!

T-Mobile hired our fab four Exhibition Magicians to deliver an internal message to all their UK call center employees about their new tariff. This needed to be delivered quickly and in a way that was memorable so all employees new the key points about the new tariff right away.  The Exhibition Magicians did this in a number of ways, firstly they designed an interactive Digital Magic video presentation by Keelan Leyser where mobile phones where magically thrown in and out of the television screens whilst delivering the key points.

Secondly The fab four Exhibition magicians Keelan, Nick, Rich and Matt  created bespoke close up mobile magic for the offices and call center staff the events delivering the companies new tariff in a very memorable way. After seeing our Exhibition Magicians they all went away being not only Entertained but educated in a very memorable way!

Exhibition Magicians delivered the brand message

Exhibition Magicians delivered the brand message!

The magic men toured up and down the country, showing off their branded T-Mobile Magic to the hundreds of T-Mobile employees up and down the country, delivering key company messages about the launch of a new phone tariff.  The staff were not only entertained, amazed and amused they were also informed about the tariff  and company changes in a very fun and memorable way.  This tour certainly showed that magic can be a very useful tool to deliver an important message.

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